Hosted Asterisk

Hosted Asterisk

Why struggle with setting up and running your own Asterisk (or Asterisk based) server when we can setup and host your server at a very attractive rate? Take the easy option for your business communications and enjoy the following benefits with our hosted solutions:

Quick Setup

We can setup your server with your exact business requirements within a couple of days. Most likely you would still be waiting for the telephone lines and Internet to be installed in the same timeframe if you were setting up the server yourself.


VoIP application requires good bandwidth for good call quality. You will be compromising your office's Internet to provide the required bandwidth when it is shared by all other office applications.

Phone Lines

Whether you need 1 or 100 lines, we will be able to provide that to you with very short notice.


You have full control of your server including your own IP, root password and the freedom to install any additional applications if so required.


Your server will be hosted in a highly professional data centre with 24x7 climate control, uninterrupted power supply and in a very secure environment.

Minimal Investment

You will not need the capital investment to purchase hardware. No need to pay for the installation costs of phone lines and Internet connection.


No problems if you need to move office in the future as everything will work the same way anywhere you go.


If you would like to run your own server at your office down the track, we will help to setup the exact server for you.


You can operate your own server or our professional technicians can manage your server for you so you can concentrate on your business.

No long term Commitment

Just imagine if your business requirements change after spending a fortune on phone lines and Internet installations, hardware, etc. With our hosted solution, you can change your mind every month. Absolutely no long term contract to commit.

Phone Card

Phone Card Platform

If you are looking to start a calling card business, there are many options and products on the market you can choose, but you will face many problems:

  • The initial investment on calling card solutions is quite expensive. You will need to purchase the hardware, design and print the cards, configure and program the hardware and arrange A-Z routes with carriers. Most of the existing Windows/Unix based calling card systems are quite difficult to setup and run smoothly. The investment can be up to $10,000 to $20,000 easily.
  • You will also need to house your hardware in a suitable environment or data center. For example, renting rack space in a data center to put your hardware, subscribing to Internet connection and telephone lines. The total monthly costs could be another $2,000 to $3,000.
  • You are a business person. You may not have the time and skills to configure, operate and maintain the systems. Of course, you can employ experienced staff to help - which you need to pay a high salary. You hope to get help from the hardware/software manufacturer, but these companies charge you per hour for the service and technical support, and in the end, you may still get your headache.
  • Because of the high investment and high monthly on-going fees to maintain the business, your calling card selling rates have to be setup at higher rates to cover the costs. Obviously, your calling card will lose to the competition on the market because the price is high.

Quick return on Investment

We understand all of the headaches and risks for a new calling card business owner. We have exactly the solution for you to get your calling card business started in a low investment, low risk and trouble-free way; most of our customers get all of their investments covered in the first month of running the calling card business! That is our hosted calling card service: you pay minimum monthly fees, and we will solve all the problems! The only initial investment you need is printing the cards.

No Hardware

That is all! You do not need to buy any hardware orcalling card pre-paid billing software any more! You do not need to put your hardware in high cost data center either! So you save thousands of dollars even before you start.

Manage your business Anywhere

Our hosted calling card services cover all the supports you may need to run a calling card business. Our Web interface enables you to control all aspects of your calling card business. You can even customise the voice prompts.

Industry Konwledge

We have developed, maintained and operated calling card businesses for many years. We have in-depth knowledge of the industry and we know what kind of problems customers may have. With us, you will get a trouble free calling card business so that you can focus on your sales!

Wholesale Terminations

We also provide high quality, low cost A-Z termination routes that you can use with your calling card system immediately. You do not need to take a long time to look around for good quality A-Z routes anymore before launching your business.



With over 20 years experience in telecommunications, we can provide total solutions for design, development, installation, hosting, operation and maintainance of your systems. Using mainly open source development platforms we aim to minimize your development investment as well as containing the costs of on-going ownership. We can deploy prepaid, post-paid, billing, VoIP, phonecard, callback and many other systems in days if so required as we have working on prototypes that you can test from day one.

Develop vs Off-the-Shelf

Many people buy off-the-shelf to avoid the cost/time of development only to find themselves stuck when they want to add more customised features to their products. With our open source systems, you can implement quickly and have the flexibility to enhance your products as your business grows. The scripts are written in such a way that anyone can easily learn and change.

No jobs too small

We understand that even big projects start small... If you have an idea but do not have the technical knowhow, we will be your ideal partner in turning it into a reality. Using our existing building blocks, we can deliver quickly to your budget. All our systems are designed to be able to scale up as sales take off.